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I just wanted to say Hello World

I'll be updating this website every now and then, so keep a lookout for that :)

UPDATE 21/5/21: Added some UI changes, the font is revamped and the collapsible css has completely changed.

UPDATE 15/5/2021: Hehe, long time no see huh, I added several new pages, a new favicon, and the most important of all, a custom domain!

UPDATE 17/10/2020: Added a "useful links" page to the site. You can go there and access the major search engines.

UPDATE 16/10/2020: Made the navigation bar show even if you scroll down. There's now need to scroll down at this point though.

UPDATE 16/10/2020: Added a navigation bar.

UPDATE 15/10/2020: Made the page more fancy.

UPDATE 14/10/2020: Added an about page. Nothing's in there yet. Also did some css stuff and made it look better

UPDATE 10/10/2020: Made the favicon transparent.

UPDATE 9/10/2020: Added a Favicon to the website! Making it a transparent image soon.